Golden rules for families
Imprint constructive imprints.
The father creates the ambiances that inspire the creativity of the pregnant mother. He must become “pregnant of the mother”. The mother fashions the abilities of her baby in the womb, for life!. Protect your baby from heavy stress by breathing deeply, taking hot footbaths and massaging your feet, touching your belly to reassure and console the baby while explaining where the stress comes from.. Immerse your pregnancy in inspiration, enough good water, fresh and wholesome food, beauty, harmony and joy to foster the constructive biochemistry that builds your baby

Reorganize your pregnancy

. Make appointments with your partner, and together take walks in nature, have fun, laugh, play, engage in physical and creative activities

. Surround yourself with flowers, fountains, beauty, inspiring pictures and music

. Nurture yourself with lofty mythology, philosophy, high ideals, and share with your partner and your baby, your most beautiful dreams for the world

. Your most serious daily appointments are when you breathe deeply, peacefully while imagining your child all grown up expressing great physical, emotional and mental qualities

. Be precise, its shapes the future of your baby! Be precise it works!

E-ducare: express the essence

In the womb and after birth, parents are the 1st educators for an edifying, creative, productive, healthy and peaceful society.

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