You are the Queen of hearts

through whom Love flows

in streams and rivers,

giving water to thirsty, wide-open souls.

You are the inspirer of the poet

whose ink ran out

during his last desert crossing.

You are Joan of Ark

who sacrifices her innocence

for the sake of Justice and Peace

in centuries to come!

You are the most beautiful Song of tenderness filtering consolation into empty darkness.

You are the Freshness of morning dew

sparkling as a thousand diamonds

in your loving eyes.

You are the universal Religion

which, by wordless law,

venerates the Father.

O Mother !

You who spin the thread of ages,

who silently weave us

through many a springtime,

I bow before you!

O Mother,

You who night and day keep watch

over the sun of your loves,

you are forever holy!

O Mother,

I give thanks to you

for your minutes and your hours,

for your daughters and your sons,

for your sublime sacrifice!

Mother mine,

I could go on singing you

the most glorious of Odes,

for it is to you that Great Nature herself

has confided the secrets of Life!

It is to you that the great Architect

has entrusted the building of the Temple.

It is to you Mother,

that the Ruler of Time

has handed over

the keys of Truth

and the charge of watching

over the clock of births!

O Mother, Goddess of Feminity,

I have so much to share with you!

You do not yet know me,

for I am still to be conceived,

but I myself have already chosen you.

Natacha Kolesar

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