M. Odent Birth Wisdom  Birth Wisdom from Michel Odent

A collection of articles by Michel Odent previously published in Midwifery Today magazine. French obstetrician Odent has been a natural childbirth advocate for years–this ebook is full of his birth wisdom on a variety of topics including waterbirth, breech birth, doulas and birth hormones.






Joel Evans  Whole Pregnancy Handbook

Dr. Joel Evans is one of a handful of obstetricians in the United States to be board certified in both holistic medicine and modern obstetrics / gynecology. Now he brings his wealth of knowledge in complementary and conventional medicine to one revolutionary guidebook: an easy-to-use, jargon-free, illustrated resource that covers a broader range of options than any other book in the pregnancy / childbirth category. Empowering women with the information they need to make their own decisions and take charge of their prenatal care,

  The Whole Pregnancy Handbook features:

  •   Complementary treatments and techniques to improve preconception health and fertility
  •   Massage, mind / body exercise, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other techniques to relax  and ease pregnancy symptoms
  •   Effective pain management for labor – from epidurals to hypnotherapy
  •   The best practices of doulas and midwives as well as pros and cons of giving birth in a hospital, a birthing center, or at home
  • Comforting and insightful ideas on how to prepare for labor – as well as everything a woman needs to know about inductions, assisted deliveries, and C-sections
  • Candid recollections in the words of mothers themselves and case studies from Dr. Evans’ own practice, The Center for Women’s Health
  • A fully illustrated chapter on prenatal yoga, with pose variations for all three trimesters

As complementary and alternative health care becomes ever more popular and mainstream, and as the continued success of books like Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Healthy Child, Whole Child prove, women are eager for a comprehensive pregnancy guide by a physician on the best conventional, complementary, and alternative medical practices. The Whole Pregnancy Handbook will offer just that – information from a trustworthy authority that cannot be found in any other pregnancy book on the market.

 Marcy Axness Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers Paperback– January 30, 2012

  Dr. Axness has distilled compelling evidence from the fields of attachment parenting,   preconception, and consciousness research into a readable, inspiring and hopeful book about what we really want to do as parents: raise peaceful people. Parenting For Peace gives us a roadmap. – Peggy O’Mara, Motheringeditor-in-chief

  Parenting for Peace empowers parents (and future parents) to feel confident in their ability to make the small and big choices necessary to raise children who are “built for peace.”

  Marcy Axness’s efforts to educate our world are vital to our evolution! I’m so glad she’s  telling the growth-or-protection story because simple fundamentals are where the truth is.
 Bruce Lipton, author, Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution

Parenting for Peace is the ultimate thinking person’s guide to nurturing a compassionate child from conception through adolescence. – Scott Blum, author, Waiting for Autumn and Winter Moon Rises

Parenting for Peace presents a 7-step / 7-principle roadmap for hardwiring babies and children with the brain circuitry for such essential peacemaker capacities as intelligence, inner balance, imagination, trust and empathy. The win-win is that a child wired in this vibrantly healthy way is a joy to parent, and as an adult has the heart to embrace and exemplify peace, the mind to innovate solutions to social and ecological challenges, and the will to enact them. In short, to be successful in a changing world—and to help change the world!


David Chamberlain  The Mind of Your Newborn Baby Paperback – April 2, 1998

Thomas Verny Tomorrow’s Baby: The Art and Science of Parenting from Conception through Infancy Hardcover – Feb 26 2002

In recent years, revolutionary discoveries in neuroscience and developmental psychology have transformed our understanding of infant development. We now know that starting from conception, the infant brain is wired by the environment. Everything that the infant experiences in his mother’s womb and after birth leaves a permanent imprint on his brain.

This book explains how even the most ordinary events, such as the words a mother speaks to her unborn son or the way a father holds his newborn daughter, evoke a cascade of biological changes — not only in the brain but also in the immune system and throughout the body. Every experience, from her trip down the birth canal to an afternoon in the park, shapes the health and personality of the child. Whether we intend it or not, everything we say and do teaches the infant a secret lesson about herself and us, her parents.

  Tomorrow’s Baby translates these scientific insights into practical advice for parents and parents-to-be. An internationally acknowledged expert in early human development, Dr. Thomas Verny draws on his knowledge of the latest scientific research to explain how, with planning and proper support, parents can create an ideal environment for their babies. Dr. Verny advocates “conscious parenting,” which begins with the parent’s or caregiver’s informed acceptance of the enormous challenge of raising and nurturing a child. He offers a wealth of practical suggestions, from optimal prenatal communication to enhancing infants’ empathic abilities, as well as advice for building language acquisition, enhancing intelligence, and developing other social skills. Now, for the first time, parents can learn how to help actualize their child’s full potential, beginning with conception.


M Odent Childbirth homo sapiens

  Childbirth and the Evolution of Homo sapiens

  The period surrounding birth is a phase of modern life that has been dramatically altered in recent decades, and emerging scientific disciplines have shown that this short period is critical in the formation of human beings. Michel Odent, former obstetrician and revolutionary childbirth pioneer, believes that these are two good reasons to raise questions about the way babies are born, and the consequences this may have for the evolution of Homo sapiens. Furthermore, the transmission of acquired traits to subsequent generations can now be scientifically interpreted (epigenetics, the transmission of the mircobiome, etc), which may represent a defining moment in our understanding of the mechanisms by which evolution occurs. Recent scientific advances have been so spectacular that they merit this updated edition of a book that was originally published in 2013.Obstetric practice is generally evaluated in the short term; this ground-breaking book encourages us to think about modes of birth in the long term, and to consider the impact they have on our species and its evolution. It is a readable, yet thought-provoking book, which will give anyone interested in evolution and the future of Homo sapiens much new material to consider.A previous edition of this book was published under the title Childbirth and the Future of Homo sapiens.
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